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At Skidmore Builders, our capabilities extend far beyond conventional construction. Specializing in critical environments, we bring a depth of expertise and innovation to every project. Our proficiency in specialized sectors such as data centers, telecommunications buildings, bank buildings, and commercial structures makes us a leader in the industry. This page serves as your gateway to explore each of our specialized capabilities in detail.


Skidmore Builders is a leading provider of construction services for “mission critical” applications, where reliability and uninterrupted functionality are paramount. Leveraging deep expertise and cutting-edge technology, we design and construct facilities that meet the rigorous demands of data centers, telecommunications, and other critical infrastructure. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project delivers on the promise of operational continuity and security, essential for mission-critical operations.

Data Centers & Telecommunications

Skidmore Builders specializes in constructing state-of-the-art data centers and telecommunications buildings, addressing unique challenges like precise temperature control, dust protection, and ESD management. With unmatched experience, we ensure these critical environments maintain uninterrupted service, incorporating advanced cable management and specialized power room construction. Our comprehensive approach guarantees the reliability and efficiency of essential facilities.

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Healthcare Buildings

Skidmore Builders brings a specialized approach to constructing healthcare buildings, understanding the unique requirements and sensitivities of medical environments.


Our commercial construction services span a wide range of projects. Skidmore Builders delivers quality, sustainability, and innovative design to every commercial project, focusing on sleek office buildings and other commercial facilities.

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Skidmore Builders offers more than just construction services; we provide a partnership to navigate complex project landscapes, especially within critical environments. Our team, bolstered by skilled personnel capable of self-performing construction activities, excels in project planning, resource allocation, and execution. This hands-on approach ensures each phase of the construction process not only aligns with the client’s goals and project specifications but is also adeptly managed to meet the unique demands of critical environments.

Skidmore Builders is not just about building structures; we’re about setting new benchmarks in the construction industry. Our specialized capabilities are a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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