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What We Do

What We Do

"In omnia paratus"
Ready for all things

Skidmore Builders Market Segment Experience

  • Renovation and new construction of commercial buildings
  • Whole building construction services for all types of Telecommunication Buildings
  • Critical Environments-AC and DC power rooms, clean-rooms, telecom network facilities
  • Hospital Renovations
  • Data Centers
  • Banks
  • Logistic companies
  • Retail pharmacies

As a preferred contractor for telecommunication companies for over 20 years, Skidmore Builders has unmatched experience in dust protection, ESD (electrostatic discharge), fire stopping, cable penetrations and frames, raceway installation, generator installation, equipment protection, safety management and disaster response (just to name a few specialties).

We have cut our teeth on this type of work. We employ principles and strategies to complete work responsibilities without compromising a customer's network, building or equipment reliability.

What this means to you:

A contractor cannot absolutely be all things to all people. By having your contractor focus on being able to work right and complete a project without compromising your building operation, you get the best value and satisfaction for your investment dollar. We do this extraordinarily well.

Skidmore Builders holds Unlimited GC Licenses in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our capabilities include new construction, commercial renovation and commercial building repairs. The size of the job makes no difference-we are committed to performance excellence in them all.

We were performing "critical environment" work before it had a name. If you need that block wall torn down that happens to be 12 inches from sensitive electronic equipment, we're the one to call. We have done this hundreds of times. We understand the significance of protecting the equipment, avoiding interruption of service and maintaining cleanliness in the workplace.

We typically self-perform between 75 to 100 per cent of the general construction work in these environments.