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What to Expect

What To Expect

"Quo non proficit, deficit."
He who does not go forward, loses ground.

Skidmore Builders has a nice blend of skills, experience, training and technology to manage virtually any commercial project. We can deliver a simple office up-fit or perform construction services in the most sophisticated facility with exacting security, clean-room requirements or critical environment.

When required, we can do extraordinary things for your project needs. Everyday, we do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

To capitalize on bringing continuous improvement in commercial construction methods, Skidmore Builders goes through a predetermined process in order to provide you with the best practices available in completing a project.

The process we utilize is this:

  • Draw From Past Experience. This experience is a great source of information and wisdom. It helps to define our capabilities and talents, develop methods for success with little or no flaws.

  • Examine the Conditions of the Job Before Making Commitments. We take stock and thoroughly think things through. We count the cost before making commitments for our company and people.

  • We Make Sure Our Conclusions Align With Fact and Our Intuition. We have the confidence that we can perform the right work to complete the job. We look at the facts, investigate and think realistically. We do not minimize obstacles or overlook the challenges of the situation. Optimism is balanced with realism, intuition and planning with the facts. You get the best solution possible.

What this means to you:

  • Your building and equipment keep operating while the project is taking place. Your revenue and production remains intact while work is performed and completed. Existing customers have saved millions of dollars by having their network equipment stay up and running during major construction renovation, especially in AC and DC power room renovations.

  • You get leading edge construction solutions and innovative work processes to get the work done right. Your construction investment is maximized. There will be no shortcuts taken. Job execution is prepared for in advance to make a project be completed the right way, whatever it takes. Your job expectations will be met today and tomorrow.