The safety of the people is the highest law

Through the latest training, technologies, aggressive employee participation and implementing enforceable standards for our employees and subcontractors, we have created a bellweather safety program.
In addition to meeting OSHA standards, we have designed a comprehensive safety program to identify and correct potential hazards before an adverse event takes place. We are making ‘safety the normal way of doing business.’

Adequate security is paramount

We acknowledge that adherence to proper safety guidelines is paramount to ensuring personnel safety and service reliability to our customers and employees. We train our people to work safely around critical environment sites to ensure our customers never have to deal with any type of outage incident or unplanned interruption of service.

Here are two excerpts from SB Safety Guidelines for working in AC and DC Power Rooms:

KEEP DOORS CLOSED!!! Vacuum and keep the work area(s) squeaky clean!!!
When doors are propped open, pressurization is lost and large volumes of Make-Up air are pumped into the space by the HVAC system in an attempt to restore pressurization. Huge amounts of Fine Mode contamination can be introduced into equipment rooms when pressurization is lost, so maintaining vigilance about keeping doors closed is important to controlling dust incursion.”


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    DO NOT allow plastic drapes over battery strings. Hydrogen gas may buildup and an ESD spark could cause serious damage and/or injury.
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    Do consider “tacky mats” at the entrances of equipment spaces to remove dust and dirt from shoes.
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    DO NOT allow unnecessary packing and unpacking in the equipment areas.
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    Do insist on cleanliness
    through all work operations.
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    DO NOT allow doors to be propped open for prolonged periods of time.
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    DO NOT allow “odor absorbing sponge” products to be introduced or used in the equipment or power room. These are wick-distributed perfume dispensers that introduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the air. VOCs damage equipment.

Promoting a safe work environment is everyone’s responsibility at Skidmore Builders.