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Telecom DC Power Room Renovations

We performed renovations to 2 DC power rooms for a Regional Network Center of a major telecommunications company. Construction work involved building two temporary platforms over both power rooms, and tearing down a 2 hr. (4 layer of 5/8" ) gwb wall from deck to floor. We then joined the 2 platforms together to create one large workspace above the now enlarged single power room. All of this demolition and construction work was performed while protecting all sensitive electronic equipment in the power room and network center against dust, ESD, heat and water damage.

Next, we installed three 14 x 68 steel beams (45 feet long and 3060 lbs. each) above the platform. The steel beams were installed to support the DC electrical chandelier bus bars and support additional cabling and racks. Special attention was given to avoid any "unplanned" or incidental grounding connections. The entire roof deck/ceiling above the platform was then fireproofed (to comply with code & customer requirements). This involved using 15,000 gallons of water directly above an active DC power plant. All of the power plant equipment, rectifiers, inverters, converters, switches, batteries and power boards remained live and actively operational.

All equipment in the Network Center remained fully operational during the entire construction process. The Telecom company had VPs from other regions visit this site during construction to inspect our work guidelines and methods for completing this type of work successfully. Critical work for a critical environment.

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Freightliner PDI Building Bays Addition

We self-performed the construction addition of two (2) large truck bays for the Freightliner Pre-Delivery Inspection facility in Mt. Holly, NC.

The 2 bays totaled 1800 sq. ft and included 2 large bay openings of 12 ft x 16 ft for a tractor trailer truck manufacturing process.

The bay foundations and floors had to be built to support recessed lifts. We installed concrete pads that were 26 inches thick with 3 layers of overlapping rebar built in during construction. The built-up concrete floor was designed to support the recessed lifts.

We had to later the landscape of the area to divert the water drainage form entering the new bays. We built a retaining wall and added a catch basin to trap and divert water from the bays.

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Holiday Inn Sunspree - Wrightsville Beach, NC

The Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina was approximately 10 years old. The ocean environment combined with poor construction with regard to moisture permeability to the exterior façade of the building lead to the facility having a multitude of moisture and mold problems.

A remediation and restoration consultant was brought in to correct the problems and we were contracted to oversee the work on the interior of the hotel. This work consisted of removing all the guest room HVAC units and installing new weather tight sleeves, then reinstalling the units and hooking up the condensate drain lines. We also repaired all of the damage caused by mold and mildew to the sheetrock, wallpaper and other interior finishes of the guest rooms.

Much of our scope of work also took place in the public areas of the hotel. We repaired damage caused by moisture to many areas of the hotels ceramic floors and concrete floors as well. We rebuilt several areas in the lobby and even corrected moisture problems in the hotel's kitchen area.

The hotel was closed for a set duration of time for the renovations, so time and schedule were of the utmost importance to the owners. The work was very fast paced with many milestones and deadlines that were met. Our superintendant, Kenny Smith, was acknowledged by the remediation and restoration consultant as an asset to the entire project.


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Telecom Generator Building and Equipment Addition

For one of the most important state facilities in NC for AT&T, we added a third 2000 kw generator and built a 2000 square foot building to house the generator on site. A multitude of major construction alterations and excavating had to be made to allow for this new generator to work in conjunction with the existing power plant and HVAC system of this building.

First, a cooling tower had to be moved and an older building had to be demolished to install the new generator and construct a new generator building. To build a new foundation for the cooling towers, we excavated down to 16 feet below the existing surface. We penetrated the service tunnel during excavation in order to reset the chilled water lines.

Installing the new generator also included installing a 10000 amp parallel switchgear and related peripheral electronic equipment (control panels, transfer devices, switchboard, etc,). This meant that new cabling and conduits for this equipment had to be installed in a highly sensitive, pre-existing critical environment of power and telecommunications equipment. And, we had to support and protect existing cabling and conduits during construction excavation.

We had to sawcut and install trenching in an entire concrete floor on the lower level of the building. Dust protection, ESD protection and accurate excavation had to be maintained to keep the building operations in a normal operating mode during construction. We used an electric excavator and actually hand-dug around existing fiber optic cables and conduit, installed galvanized sleeves around the cabling and conduit for protection and support, excavated through the main cable vault under the building, installed 20 caissons around the existing fiber optic cables and conduits (in place since the 1950's) and installed new conduit for the added switchgear cabling. This was a massive indoor excavation undertaking while protecting existing sensitive electronic equipment that was kept in operation during construction.

After installing the generator and switchgear, we then synched up the new generator with the 2 existing generators to become a contributing member of the building's power configuration for redundancy and uninterruptable power source.

Critical work in a critical environment.


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Truck Strike Response and Repair - Raleigh, NC

A fully loaded (5000 gallon) fuel tanker truck rolled across 6 lanes of a major Raleigh highway early one morning. The tanker made a direct hit on the front entrance of a popular retail pharmacy store.

We responded immediately, cleaned up the spilled fuel and debris from the wreckage. Within 48 hours, we had the store able to re-open to the public. We created a temporary entrance, protecting the public and store employees from the intensive repair construction underway and had the structural integrity repairs completed, inspected and verified within this 24 hr. window.

Full repairs were completed within 28 days. The building was brought back to the way it looked before the crash and fully open, conducting business as normal.

Skidmore Builders has the organizational capabilities and wherewithal to readily respond to emergency construction and disaster containment. You get a vast amount of experience and know-how to keep your facility and business up and running during the most trying conditions. Try us. We have a huge appetite and ability to overcome difficult conditions on jobs.

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Wrightsville Beach Central Office

The City of Wrightsville Beach grew so rapidly in the 80's and 90's that the major telephone company had a dilemma on their hands. They needed so much more equipment space that they decided to construct a new Central Office completely over and around their existing outgrown building.

Although we weren't the contractor that built the new building, we were chosen by the owner, under separate contract, to dismantle the existing central office that was then inside the larger central office.

This involved protecting live switch and dc power plants from extraordinary conditions while we removed the ceilings and walls from around them.

This was completed on time, within budget and without incident.


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